Vertebrate Zoology
9. Animal Diversity Website (Has Bird Calls)
1. Speciation & Phylogeny
2. What did T-Rex taste like?
13. Whale Evolution Webquest
8. Origin of Birds Webquest
How to use
4. Chondricthyes Anatomy Labeling Practice
5. Osteichthyes Anatomy Labeling Practice
Agnatha PowerPoint
Lamprey Dissection
Lancelet Anatomy
Agnatha Documents
Lancelet Picture
Chondrichthyes Documents
Shark Anatomy
Shark Dissection
Dogfish Shark Dissection
Osteichthyes Documents
Osteichthyes PowerPoint
Osteicthyes External Anatomy
Perch Dissection
Perch Dissection PowerPoint
Amphibians Documents
Frog Dissection
Reptile Documents
Reptiles PowerPoint
Herpetology PowerPoint Project
Reptile History
Turtle Dissection
Aves PowerPoint
Aves Documents
Aves Dissection
Birds of Connecticut Project PowerPoint
Pigeon Dissection
Brain Regeneration Paper
Birds of Connecticut Project
Mammalia Documents
Rat Dissection
Mammal Research
Whale Evolution Paper
Mammalia PowerPoint
Chondrichthyes Quiz
Evolution & Phylogeny Documents
Evolution PowerPoint
Animal Architecture PowerPoint
What did T-Rex Taste Like?
Classification Vocabulary
Classification & Phylogeny of Animals
10. Animal Sounds
3. Chordate OverviewAll About Chordates
12. Vertebrate Comparative Anatomy
7. Reptile Database
6. Amphibians of the World
14. How to Build a Bluebird House
11. Mammals
Final Project
Final Cladistics Project
Phylogeny PowerPoint
15. Vertebrate Info
Chondricthyes PowerPoint
Class Aves Vocabulary
Amphibians PowerPoint
16. The Ultimate Ungulate Site
Evolution PowerPoint in PDF
Evolution Test
Great Clade Race Cards