Academic Biology
Ecology Links
Scientific Method Summary
2. Biotic & Abiotic Factors
3. Energy Flow in an Ecosystem
Cells Links
1. Cellular Organization
2. The Virtual Cell
3. Cell Transport Tutorial
4. Aerobic Respiration & Photosythesis Tutorial
12. The Virtual Microscope
6. Mitosis Tutorial with Video Univ. of Arizona
7. Mitosis Animation
8. Mitosis Tutorial with Quiz
9. Mitosis Tutorial
10. Meiosis Tutorial
11. Identify Stages of Mitosis
Genetics Links
1. Intro to Genetics
2. DNA Workshop Transcription & Translation
5. Dehydration Systhesis & Hydrolysis
3. Transcription Animation
4. Translation Animation
5. DNA Replication Animation
6. Transcription Game
7. Protein Synthesis Animation
Evolution Links
1. People Involved in Evolution
2. The Origin of Species Text
8. Voyage of the Beagle Text
3. Natural Selection
4. Peppered Moth Simulation
5. Evolution Video Clips
6. Hardy-Weinberg
Lab Bench
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Other Important Links
8. Kentucky Blue People Article
Day 1 Stuff
Student Survey
Biology Rules and Expectations
Classroom Policies
Lab Report PowerPoint
Laboratory Stuff
Blank Lab Rubric
Chapter 1
Scientific Method
Chapter 1 PowerPoint
Safety Lab
The Scientific Method in Action
Scientific Method Homework
Identify Variables
Identify Controls and Variables
Is the Car Alive?
Earthworm Behavior Lab
Isopod (Pillbugs) Behavior Lab
Chapter 1 Quiz
Chapter 2 Outline
Ecology PowerPoint
Chapter 2 Vocabulary
Chapter 3 Vocabulary
Chapter 2 Definitions
Chapter 3 Definitions
Chapter 3 Outline
Communities and Biomes PowerPoint
Biomes Webquest
Nitrogen Cycle Diagram
Phosphorus Cycle Diagram
Population Dynamics Outline
Population Dynamics PowerPoint
Lynx and Hare Population Dynamics Graph
Predator Prey Lab
St. Matthew's Island Deer Population Study
Ecology Test Chapters 2 & 3
Chemistry of Life
Chemistry of Life PowerPoint
Chemistry of Life Vocabulary
Elements Found in Living Organisms
Water Surface Tension Lab
Acids and Bases Colorplate
Acids and Bases Lab
Chemistry Test
Graphing in Biology PowerPoint
Biology Graphing Examples
Graph Comparison Examples
Kaibab Graphing Exercise
Human Population Growth Graphing
World Population Graphing Data
Cellular Organelles
Cellular Transport
Cellular Energetics
Introduction to Cells and Microscopes
Cell Organelles PowerPoint
Cells Vocabulary Chapter 7
Cells Definitions Chapter 7
Cells Guided Reading Questions Chapter 7
Cells Alive Webquest Worksheet
Cell Organelles Quiz
Microscope Diagram
"E" Microscope Lab
Microscope Diagram Quiz
Microscope Functions Quiz
Cell Membrane Transport PowerPoint
Cell Transport Vocabulary Chapter 8
Cell Transport Definitions Chapter 8
Cellular Transport Quiz
Cell Energy Vocabulary Chapter 9
Cell Energy Quiz
Aerobic Respiration
Cellular Respiration PowerPoint
Glycolysis Video
Aerobic Respiration Overview Video
Krebbs Cycle
Electron Transport Chain Video Part 1
Electron Transport Chain Video Part 2
Electron Transport Chain Diagram
ATP Formation Video
ATP Synthase Diagram
Photosynthesis PowerPoint
Photosynthesis Video
Light Dependent Reaction Video 1
Light Dependent Reaction Video 2
Calvin Cycle (Dark Reaction) Video
Cellular Reproduction
Protein Synthesis
Meiosis PowerPoint
Mitosis Rap
Mitosis Lab
Mitosis & Meiosis Vocabulary
Mitosis & Meiosis Comparison Chart
Mitosis & Meiosis Webquest
Mitosis Diagram
Meiosis Movie
Cancer Video
p53 Cancer Tumor Marker Movie
Name the Phase of Meiosis Quiz
Mitosis & Meiosis Quiz
Mitosis & Meiosis Comparison Project
Mendel and Meiosis PowerPoint
Mendel & Meiosis Vocabulary Chapter 10
DNA & RNA PowerPoint
DNA Vocabulary
DNA Structure Diagram
DNA Structure Diagram 2
DNA Origami Instructions
DNA Origami Template
DNA Webquest
Complete the DNA & RNA Venn Diagram
DNA Replication Diagram
DNA Replication Quiz
DNA Restriction Tutorial
DNA Transformation Tutorial Part 1
DNA Transformation Tutorial Part 2
PCR Tutorial
PCR Animation
Protein Electrophoresis Tutorial
Transcription Video
DNA Transcription Diagram
DNA Repairing Movie
Codon Diagram
Transcription & Translation Colorplate
DNA, RNA, & Protein Synthesis Quiz
Mendelian Genetics
Genotypes and Phenotypes
Genetics Focus Questions
Genetics Homework
Punnet Square Ratios Lab
Spongebob Genetics Worksheet 1
Spongebob Genetics Worksheet 2
Spongebob Genetics Quiz
Spongebob Genetics - Incomplete Dominance
Tribble Genetics
Oompah Loompa Genetics
Mendelian Genetics Quiz
Genetics Exam
Dihybrid Cross Tutorial
Genetics Counselor C.A.P.T. Question
Genetic Disorders Research Seminar
Normal Male Karyotype
Normal Female Karyotype
Karyotype Activity
Karyotype Webquest
Unknown Karyotype #1
Unknown Karyotype #2
Unknown Karyotype #3
Unknown Karyotype #4
How to Solve Pedigrees
Pedigrees PowerPoint
Pedigrees Vocabulary
Pedigree Practice Problems
Pedigree Practice Problems 2
Kentucky Blue People Story
Kentucky Blue People Homework
Pedigree of the Kentucky Blue People
Bloodtype Pedigree Problem
Pedigree Quiz
Geologic Time & Origins of Life PowerPoint
The History of Earth
Geologic Timeline Project
Half-Life Diagram
Origins of Life Vocabulary Chapter 14
Evolution Vocabulary
Evolution Vocabulary Chapter 15
Evolution Definitions
Bird Bill Evolution Lab
Structural Adaptations of Avian Bills Lab
Whale Evolution Article
Elephant Evolution Diagram
Dolphin Evolution Article
Primate Evolution Vocabulary Chapter 16
Evolution Test
Integumentary System
Muscular System
Skeletal System
Excretory System
Circulatory System
Respiratory System
Immune System
Endocrine System
Nervous System
Human Body
Integumentary System Outline
Touch Receptors Lab
Vocabulary Skin, Bones, & Muscle
Integumentary System PowerPoint
Skeletal System Outline
Infering Height from Bones Lab
Skeletal System PowerPoint
Muscular System Outline
Excretory System PowerPoint
How the Kidney Works Colorplate
Digestive & Excretory Systems Test
Digestive & Excretory Systems Test 2
Respiratory System PowerPoint
Respiratory System Outline
Measuring Lung Capacity Lab
Measuring the Difference in CO2 Production Lab
Cardiovascular Outline
Blood Pressure Lab
ABO Blood Groups Diagram
Pulmonary & Systemic Circuits Diagram
Blood Flow Diagram
Immune System PowerPoint
How HIV Infects Cells Colorplate
Endocrine System PowerPoint
The Endocrine System Study Sheets
Nervous System PowerPoint
Label the Neuron & Neuron Vocabulary
Action Potential Diagram
Special Senses
Human Body Test
Classification PowerPoint
Classification Vocabulary Chapter 17
Classification Outline
Dichotomous Key Worksheet
Alien Taxonomy
Taxonomy Project
Classification Quiz
How HIV Infects Cells
Viruses PowerPoint
Viral Replication Animation
Lysogenic Cycle Animation Part 1
Lysogenic Cycle Animation Part 2
Virus Research Brochure Project
Bacteria PowerPoint
Binary Fission Bacterial Reproduction
Bacteria Quiz
Protista PowerPoint
Protista Outline
Amoeba Moving
Fungi PowerPoint
Fungi Outline
Plantae PowerPoint
Plants Outline
Invertebrate Survey
Invertebrates Outline
Animalia Organization
Kingdoms Assessments
Kingdoms Test
Kingdoms Project
Blank Graph Paper
Monty Python & The Scientific Method
Human Influence on the Environment
Water Quality Lab
Chapter 5 Vocabulary
Human Influence on the Environment pdf
Cellular Transport Tutorial
13. Cell Size Animation
Χ2 (chi squared) - This is just the name of the analysis.
Σ- This is an operator that says to sum all the values to the right.  
o - These are values you measure or observe.
e - These are values you expect. In chi square analysis you test o vs e.
Evolution PowerPoint
Phylogeny PowerPoint
Origins of Life PowerPoint
9. The Flying Spaghetti Monster - Have you been touched?
10. The Darwin Awards LOL!!!
11. Colbert Report - Ken Miller on Evolution
Purpose Games
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